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The primary objective of this site is to bring together good homes and the animals that need them. This is a national database holding information from as many sanctuaries, rescue centres and animal charities that have connectivity to the world wide web. are determined to make it possible for all such bodies to have access to this site and will endeavour to negotiate the best deals for computer equipment and connectivity that we can.

We aim to advertise special deals for charities and will offer support and advice where possible. This site is free for all to use and we rely totally on donations and advertising to keep this site running. Please use for the purpose it was intended and do not abuse the site. would like to acknowledge and thank the following for their unselfish support and input in the design, build and general development of this site. Fran Ellis and all the staff at Animals in Need (Firtree animal rescue centre) for their help in the design and testing of this site. Nick Morgan for all his input and guidance along the way. Dave Barton for his never ending constructive input and continual testing - boring but someone had to do it. Most thanks must go to my wife Julie, without whose patience and constant unselfishness this site would never have been created. Julie you are the best - I love you heart and soul.

Use of PHP and MySQL is made to power this site as well as some scripting techniques offered by the JavaScript Source site and Many thanks to all those that subscribe to these sites and long live the world of open systems.