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PRIVACY POLICY OF Baytree Computer Services

1. Information collected

Baytree Computer Services ("BCS") is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. If you register as an advertiser or user with BCS, BCS will need to obtain some personal information about you, which is stored on BCS's computer. BCS will need to know your name, business address, e-mail address and telephone number. In addition any other contact information supplied about individuals within your company/charity that you supply will be stored on BCS's computer. By supplying such information you warrant that those individuals have (where necessary) consented to your supplying that information. Public users will be asked to supply their e-mail address if they wish to leave information stored on BCS's computer such as messages, lost & found information or advertise for wanted animals.

2. Use of Information

This information and any such contact information will be used by BCS to provide to you the services specified on this website. Information submitted for publication on our site will be accessible freely by Internet users situated around the world.

In addition to the above, the personal information which you provide us with, together with information on services that you have accessed via us in the past may be used by BCS, for the purpose of notifying you about any of its services (including newsletters). By submitting your information you consent to its use in this way.

3. Retention of Information

BCS recognises that certain individuals or companies who submit personal information to BCS may wish to be registered with BCS indefinitely. Similarly BCS recognises that certain individuals or companies who upload their company's information may wish to gain access to those pieces of information indefinitely. Accordingly BCS may (but shall not be obliged to) retain personal information and any company information that you upload to BCS's computer indefinitely. If you would like BCS to delete personal information relating to your registration or any company information that you have uploaded please send an email to giving details of your request. BCS reserves the right not to delete such personal or company information if there is any legitimate reason why such information ought to be retained by BCS.

4. Disclosure of Information

With the exception of certain uses set out in this Privacy Policy, BCS will not disclose any information it keeps about you to any third parties unless required by the police or any regulatory or government authority to provide your information and or information concerning your use of this website. Furthermore BCS may disclose your information and or details of your use of this website if it is required to do so by law or requested to do so by a third party during the course of an action for the infringement of their rights which BCS reasonably believes to arise from your use of this website.

In the event that BCS agrees to sell or otherwise transfer all or any part of its business to a third party, BCS may transfer any personal information that it holds about you or your company to that third party.

5. Changes to this Policy

If BCS changes this Privacy Policy, the amended Privacy Policy will be posted on this website and the revised Policy will take effect once posted. Your continued use of this website after the posting will signify your agreement to the new terms.

6. Transfers outside Europe

Because the Internet infrastructure is global, and it is not possible to predict the routes that information sent over the Internet will take, the information you provide may be transferred temporarily via a route which takes it outside the European Economic Area as it passes between you and BCS. Information submitted for publication on this website may be transferred to people who access this website from outside the European Economic Area. By submitting your information you consent to these transfers.