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GreyhoundBenDogThis adorable boy is 6 year old greyhound Ben having a taste of home life for the first time and it certainly seems like he approves! Coming in to rescue having raced 163 times, he truly deserves lots of TLC and a happy retirement. He is a shy and apprehensive boy who finds new people and situations difficult to cope with, so we feel that he would be best suited to a home without young children, but where his family will give him a confident and gentle introduction to the outside world. Unfortunately he isn't able to live with a cat, but would love an easy going doggie companion to help show him the what fun life can be. He travels well and gets on well with other greyhounds, but has not met other breeds as yet. - See more at: ...M6-9Click here to see larger image of Ben
GreyhoundBessieDogBessie is about 4 years old. She was initially quite nervous when she arrived but has recently begun to relax in kennels and is showing signs of being a little more confident. As well as some tlc, her new family will need to allow her some extra time and space to settle in. We think Bessie could live happily alongside older children and visiting younger children would be fine too with some proper supervision. But we think she'd prefer to be the only dog at home. It takes her a little while to be comfortable, but the wait will be so worthwhile because once she has settled in she is happy to play and take treats from you. - See more at ...F3-6Click here to see larger image of Bessie
GreyhoundBlueDogHello, My name is Blue and I love treats!!! I am a young male greyhound and I love treats! This will make me very easy to train because I just love treats. I will do anything for treats and will even remember where you left them last time. Apart from treats, have I mentioned how much I love them? I love to have my ears rubbed and will lean in for a cuddle as all greyhounds do. I am a happy boy looking for my forever home. Is this you? I hope so. - See more at: ...M3-6Click here to see larger image of Blue
GreyhoundBradleyDog Bradley Greyhound, male 6 to 8 years old. Bradley boy is an ex racing Greyhound, he has an old fracture in his hind leg, which was not fixed at the time, but this is causing no pain or any discomfort. Bradley is good with other dogs and children 7yrs+. He is a very sweet old man, he loves attention and cuddles, doesn't like being left. He was lucky to spent Xmas in foster home, so we have lots and lots of info on him whilst in their care, so dont hesitate to call us to find out much, much more about this most elegant creature. Bradley is up to date with his vaccinations, flea and worm treated, neutered, micro chipped and will have six weeks free insurance with Pet Plan. Last Chance Animal Rescue, Registered Charity No. 1002349 if you would like to know more about me, please call us on 01732 865530 between 10 3, or via our web site above, or email Adrienne on , hoping to hear from you ...M6-9Click here to see larger image of Bradley
GreyhoundCharmDogCharm is seven years old, she has so far spent all her life in kennels. She is in great condition, fit, active and healthy. Charm is wonderful with humans, she can be playful and affectionate, she loves to interact with the kennel team. Charm is calm and quiet, she is generally good with other greyhounds, she currently shares a kennel with handsome Jack, but care is needed around other breeds as she doesn't understand socialisation yet. Charm will make a super companion, she is very loyal and loving, always ready to lean-in for a cuddle. Charm walks well on the lead and is responsive to commands, she does like her treats so they can be used as an effective training aid. - See more at: ...F6-9Click here to see larger image of Charm
GreyhoundChaseDogChase is a gorgeous five year old boy who has had a very full racing career but is now ready to settle down into family life. He is a lovely boy with a super personality. Chase is currently in a foster home, he is house trained and well behaved. Chase is a little nervous of busy urban areas at the moment but he could overcome that easily with the right training. He is fine walking in quiet rural locations. Chase is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and worm and flea treated. Chase is ready to walk into your life just as soon as you are ready to enjoy his company. - See more at: ...M3-6Click here to see larger image of Chase
GreyhoundCherDogcher came to us via the rspca, she was a stray and never claimed by her owner. she is a loving girl. she has some old scars on her. she loves everyone she meets. she is ok around some other dogs. ...F3-6Click here to see larger image of Cher
GreyhoundCourtneyDogLittle brindle girl, timid but very gentle. 4 years old. ...F3-6
GreyhoundDipsyDogDipsy is ace! Frequently spotted doing headstands in the field, he does a great line in enthusiastic cuddles. A goofy play specialist and pretty good with other dogs as long as they aren't really tiny and fluffy. He's a youngster so needs some guidance and support (as all young dogs do) but he's very happy to oblige when he's shown what you'd like. Dipsy would suit an adult only home or home with older children as younger children can be a bit too exciting for him. He would be fine as an only dog or with another steady dog. He has been in a home before so he already knows what home life is all about! - See more at: ...M1-3Click here to see larger image of Dipsy
GreyhoundElvisDogHi everyone, my name's Elvis and I have a really cool party trick - I can fold my ears forward to make it look like I have a quiff!! It was my birthday on the 17th of April and I was 6 years old. I'm a super handsome black ex racing greyhound boy and am having a great time in kennels, but would like to find my forever home soon. I love people and I love cuddles! I am currently walked in a head collar to help me learn to walk better. I enjoy my walks so much, I forget how to behave and get very excited and bouncy! Once I remember, I calm down a lot but I am still learning how to walk nicely. I'm still a bit unsure of small dogs, but with patience and the right guidance, hopefully I can learn not to get so excited by them. I have been in a car quite a few times now and really enjoy it, I am happy just to settle down and enjoy the journey. I have also travelled in the GRWE van to collections and events and enjoy that too! It's all very exciting! I would like to live with someone who can be around most of the time to help me settle in and continue my training. I would prefer to live with another medium to large dog. I would be happy to live with older children but not with cats. If you think I'm the hound for you, pick up the dog n bone!! Call us: 07000 785 092 - See more at: ...M6-9Click here to see larger image of Elvis
GreyhoundFinnDogFinn is a wonderful character, he is playful, cheeky and very affectionate. He just loves human interaction, a real fun guy to have around. Finn has been fine with the young children he has met since coming to us. He is fine with all the other kennel hounds but cats are probably not a good idea. Finn used to live with Shaw and they were kennelled together for ages. We have split them up now, just to get them used to being alone as we feel it is unlikely we will be able to home them together. However, if you are looking for a super handsome pair..look no further. - See more at: ...M3-6Click here to see larger image of Finn
GreyhoundFlashDogBlack Greyhound male around 2 years old, he has been picked up from one of the Police stations and we have been unable to trace his owners. He was wearing a Blue collar when he was found and he has obviously been well exercised as he has lots of leg muscle, he is friendly with people and he is very clean in his kennel, he does not like Cats but is fine with other dogs, he also travels well in the car. Flash has now been castrated and the difference is amazing, he loved the attention of people and he altogether a calmer hound, we would like to see him Micro chipped before he leaves the kennels. ...M1-3Click here to see larger image of Flash
GreyhoundFleckDogHello My name is Fleck, this is because I have the most lovely white flecks in my shiny black coat. They are a bit like snowflakes. I am a happy young boy. do you like my ears? They are rather special aren't they. I like my ears and you will love everything about me. There is nothing about me to dislike. I am just the most lovely greyhound boy. My wish list is not very long and very easy to fulfil. I think that my new home needs to have a very comfy bed where I can stretch out and make myself at home. Call us: 07000 785 092 - See more at: ...M3-6Click here to see larger image of Fleck
GreyhoundHonorDogHonor is a 4 year old greyhound who was found straying. She is a petite greyhound at just 25 inches to the shoulder. She is an affectionate, quiet and gentle girl. At the moment she has a kennel coat as she has lived outdoors, but she is starting to lose this and a shiny new coat is coming through. Honor is good with other dogs, walks nicely on the lead and is an all round sweet girl who will make a lovely pet for the right family. - See more at: ...F3-6Click here to see larger image of Honor
GreyhoundJasperDogHandsome boy. ...M1-3Click here to see larger image of Jasper
GreyhoundJazzDogSmall black lady, 4 years old. Very friendly and gentle. ...M3-6
GreyhoundLuckyDogBlack & white female. Only 2, never raced, needs lots of love. ...F1-3
GreyhoundLuckyDogJust look at our happy new arrival! He is indeed a lucky chap. He has been very well looked after and has arrived with us in tip top condition. A truly stunning boy. Lucky is a 4 year old male greyhound, he loves people and people seem to love him. Lucky is very easy to walk and is a very calm happy dog. He waits patiently and looks to humans to lead the way for him on walks. He has shared a kennel with a female greyhound and clearly enjoys the company of other dogs. A smashing boy, quiet , calm and good on the lead and fabulous at giving cuddles. What more could you want. - See more at: ...M3-6
GreyhoundMontyDogMonty is just 3 years old and has lived in a home but found the very young children just too much for him. Monty is typical of many ex racing greyhounds who have seen little of the outside world and need time to adjust to 'life on the outside'. He will need a steady, adult home or with children 15 years +. He could live on his own or with another sensible dog/s. He ADORES tearing around the paddock with his toys and is wonderfully playful. - See more at: ...M3-6Click here to see larger image of Monty
GreyhoundNickDogThis 5 year old has a lovely nature and is soooo laid back he just wants a comfy sofa. ...M3-6
GreyhoundNoahDogNoah is a greyhound who has recently retired from racing; he stands at 28" to the shoulder and is mainly black with a white patch on his chest. This poor lad is not yet 4 and he had to have all but 4 of his teeth removed when he came to the rescue. Mind you, I am sure that he will happily suck a chewy bar! He is not keen on the kennels and has been losing some weight; however, he does seem to be coming out of himself a bit, having been with us for a short while. He had perfect manners on a walk last week where there were over 100 dogs of all different shapes and sizes and has got on well with kennel walkers’ dogs. He loves to lean and is learning that there is a much nicer life after racing. Is there space on your sofa for this lovely lad? - See more at: ...M3-6Click here to see larger image of Noah
GreyhoundPharaohDogHi, my name is Pharaoh and I am 5 years old. I measure 28" and weigh 28 kgs. I am called Pharaoh because of my ears (see pics). Often I like to just wear one of my ears up, but if I'm either unsure - or very sure - of something I wear them both up - like a Pharaoh hound!! I raced until July 2013 and had been living in my trainer's kennels since then, only recently arriving at GRWE's kennels. I must admit when I first arrived I was very nervous and hand-shy, as my surroundings were completely new. I allowed the volunteers and the vet to handle me though, although I'd back into my sleeping area in my kennel when anyone came to see me. As the lovely kind volunteers have taken me out to different places over the last few weeks, I have gained more confidence, but I'm still wary. I'm willing to trust my handler though, as they have been very careful with the situations they have put me in, so as not to worry me. The photos above are of me at a dog show very recently - there were lots of dogs of various shapes and sizes and lots of children. I was told I didn't put a paw wrong. I enjoyed people stroking and making a fuss of me and I didn't react to any other dogs except for the rude and pushy ones! I then just backed away as I don't like confrontation. My handlers always have special treats for me too - cheese, sausages, lots of yummy things and I now have the confidence to take the treats from their hands, which they are very pleased about. I then get lots of ear scratches! I have seen lots of new sights on my walks from kennels - sheep, birds, ducks etc which I am interested in, but only a little bit and only because I haven't seen them before. Second time around, they're not so interesting! I enjoy traveling in cars and quite happily jump into the crates in the GRWE van, but I have never had to share a space with another dog before, so would need to be separated in a car if I was to travel with another dog. I recently had a little holiday (two days) in a home and was clean, although I was taken outside at all the right times. I've been told I'll be quite easy to house-train. I used a crate while I was there and liked it, but I would also be happy to be divided off in a room or a separate room. I would like to have my own space in the home to get used to things. I would like a forever home with another friendly and confident dog, perhaps a female, who I can learn from and will help me to settle. I'm looking forward to my next adventure! - See more at: ...M3-6Click here to see larger image of Pharaoh
GreyhoundRaiderDogNearly 7, he's a small black and white dog that could be good with other pets. ...M6-9
GreyhoundSandyDog5 year old small brindle and white female, very gentle and could be good with other pets. ...F3-6
GreyhoundSethDogLovely Seth is a 3 year old male Greyhound Who has had to misfortune of being left to fend for himself twice in his short life. Seth is very friendly with people and greets people with lots of enthusiasm. He is a bit of a leaner who doesn’t mind being handled and is happy to have his paws wiped, ears cleaned and teeth brushed. Seth loves his food and will play with soft and squeaky toys. Seth can be left for few hours although, he hasn't got the hang of being left behind yet. This is probably because he loves cars and is always very keen to get in the car - he seems to think that he should travel everywhere by car and doesn't seem too fussy about the make or model. So if you have an ancient Mini or a top of the range Mercedes he could be the boy for you. Seth’s exposure to the world has been very limited up to now. He is a lovely dog who just needs time to learn more about the world and feel secure that he is not going to be abandoned again. - See more at: ...M3-6Click here to see larger image of Seth
GreyhoundShawDogShaw is five years old and has a lovely nature. Shaw recently had a weekend sleepover in a home for assessment purposes. He was clean and well behaved in the house. A loving and bright boy, Shaw is absolutely fine with other sighthounds but will need introductions to other breeds as he hasn't had any previous socialisation. Shaw has been fine playing with young children in the paddock. No cats for this boy though. Shaw used to share a kennel with Finn so he could easily live with another dog. We have split Shaw and Finn up now to get them used to being alone in case they are homed as only dogs. Although, if anyone wants a brace of very handsome boys, then Shaw and Finn fit the bill completely. Shaw is going to make a fabulous pet, anyone who gives this boy a chance will be very well rewarded. don't miss out, call today. - See more at: ...M3-6Click here to see larger image of Shaw
GreyhoundSilverDogSilver is 6 years old and sadly has never known any home comforts, he is such a happy boy who loves to run and play ball but because of his size and colour he keeps getting overlooked, his coat is beginning to gleam with all the TLC he is getting but what he really needs is his own family. Silver is good with other dogs and walks nicely on the lead, he is just waiting to go to his own home. - See more at: ...M6-9Click here to see larger image of Silver
GreyhoundSonnyDogFawn boy, very pretty and kind natured. ...M3-6
GreyhoundSueyDogA sweet white and black-spotted girlie. ...F3-6Click here to see larger image of Suey
GreyhoundVic BDog4 year old black gentleman, very kind and quite funny! ...M3-6
GreyhoundWhiskeyDogHello, my name is Whiskey, an ex-racing greyhound; I am nearly 4 now, measuring 28" to my shoulder and I’m black with a patch of white on my chest. My walker says that I have very expressive ears that flop back and forth as I walk – you can see them in my photo! I enjoy my walks, I am always alert and I walk nicely on my lead. I have enjoyed seeing other dogs on social walks. I do love a bit of fuss and am friendly and affectionate. Actually, I have been in a home but had to come back as I got scared when left alone. Therefore, I would be happier with someone who is around a lot of the time and who is willing to work with me to build up my confidence, so that I will learn to trust that they will always come back home to me again. Though I am quite big, I promise I will curl up small to fit your sofa if you can find a place in your life for me; perhaps you are the person who could give me another chance? - See more at: ...M3-6Click here to see larger image of Whiskey
GsdMajorDogPoor major is desperate for a home, He has a skin condition that sadly got out of control with his last home.He is under going treatment at the moment but would do alot better if he was in a home. He loves his walks, and being with people. ...M6-9Click here to see larger image of Major
Husky XCallumDogCallum is a lovely three year old GSD X Husky, he is Black and Cream and smooth coated. Callum was originally homed from the rescue centre 18 months ago and has been very happily living with his new family - unfortunatly and Very reluctantly he has had to be returned to us as the owners personal circumstances have changed and they can no longer keep him. He is excellent with children and he is fully house trained, he is good with other dogs and he is fine in the car, he is a lovely dog that should settle with a new family well. ...M1-3Click here to see larger image of Callum
Husky XKelsyDogKelsy is a beautiful, friendly affectionate young lady who would love a family that can give her lots of walks and plenty of attention. She came in as her owner was being evicted and did not have time for her. She is undersocialised with dogs, but is getting better as time progresses. She has had 2 homes so far, and I would like to make her next one her last. ...F1-3Click here to see larger image of Kelsy
Jack Russel MurphyDogMurphy is a 3year old, tan and white long legged Jack Russell. He needs and home without cats and he is house trained ...M1-3Click here to see larger image of Murphy
Jack RussellBromleyDog Bromley J.Russell Female 2yrs This little darling is a typical Jack, well like many, yes, she can be possessive and wants all the attention for herself and wouldnt like to share her home with any other animals. For this reason we feel she would better suited as the only pet , and we suggest with teenage children. This girl has character, and would benefit with an experienced Jackie owner. Bromley is spayed, up to date with her vaccinations, ID Chipped, flea and worm treated, and has six weeks free insurance with his adoption.. Last Chance Animal Rescue, Registered Charity No. 1002349 if you would like to know more about me, please call us on 01732 865530 between 10 3, or via our web site above, or email Adrienne on , hoping to hear from you ...M1-3Click here to see larger image of Bromley
Jack RussellJrDogI'VE GOT A LOVELY NEW HOME NOW!! Name JR Tag 483 Ledger 94879 Age 4-5 years Breed Jack Russell Sex Male Neutered Yes Micro-chipped Yes Good with kids Unknown Good with dogs Yes Good with cats Unknown Hi there, my name is JR no, not that man with the silly hat from America, but a lonely little Jack Russell who just wants a new family to call my own. Ive not been here for long and am in a kennel with some big dogs, theyre lovely but I prefer a human lap and lots of strokes. Im feeling a bit shy here and dont really know whats happening, so please take me home and I promise Ill wag my tail for you every day and put a big smile on your face. Lots of licks JR x Contact Manchester Dogs Home on 0871 918 1212 ...M3-6Click here to see larger image of Jr
Jack Russell TerrierBillyDogHello, my name is Billy, I’m a sixteen month old male, Jack Russell Terrier. I arrived at The Mayhew because my owners separated and neither of them felt they could take care of me. For more information about me please click on the link below ...M1-3Click here to see larger image of Billy
Jack Russell TerrierJilly and DorisDogLikes and dislikes: Jilly loves her walks and lots of cuddles. Type of home needed: Best suit an active teenage family with no other pets. Needs to be rehomed with her daughter Doris More about me: Jilly is 8 yrs old and Doris is 7 months old ...F<1Click here to see larger image of Jilly and Doris
Jack Russell TerrierLuluDogLULU - Jack Russell Terrier, neutered female, 5 years approx, small size. Click on the photo to see a larger version. Lulu is OK with dogs and has lived with a cat. She is spayed and vaccinated. NOTE: In order to adopt this dog you must be able to comply with our adoption conditions and live within 15 miles of our centre in Little Clacton, Essex. ...F3-6Click here to see larger image of Lulu
Jack RussellxSnowyDogSnowy Snowy is delightful little Jack Russell girly. Snowy is good with other dogs and we would rather she was home with older children. The reason for this is that she is a bit shy to start with, but once she knows you she is very friendly and loving. Snowy is around 3 years old. Snowy is spayed, up to date with her vaccinations, ID Chipped, flea and worm treated, and has six weeks free insurance with his adoption.. Last Chance Animal Rescue, Registered Charity No. 1002349 if you would like to know more about me, please call us on 01732 865530 between 10 3, or via our web site above, or email Adrienne on , hoping to hear from you ...F<1Click here to see larger image of Snowy
KittensBrandyCat My sister has already got a home so my brother, Rusty and I are still waiting. I am very cute so I am hoping someone will pick me very soon. ...F<1Click here to see larger image of Brandy
KittensRustyCatI keep being told, "I am the sweetest little thing" so with a bit of luck someone will take me home soon. ...M<1Click here to see larger image of Rusty
KittensVariousCatWe have various Kittens up for homing. If you can give a kitten a home, please ring 01325 300290. ...M<1
LabradorHenryDogHenry was found as a stray and is a fantastic young man. He walks on a halti because he pulls a bit on the lead, but is getting better with other dogs as he can be a bit boistrous with them. Henry is great with children but not good with cats. He would suit a home where he can burn off his energy and be the only dog in the family. ...M1-3Click here to see larger image of Henry
LabradorMavisDogMavis is a big ball of energy, she is full of life and bounce! Type of home needed: Mavis needs a home with a large secure garden for her to charge around in. Mavis will need to attend training classes and will need plenty of walks to keep her fit and healthy. ...F<1Click here to see larger image of Mavis
LabradorWhitneyDog WHITNEY Labrador, female around 3 to 4 years of age What a darling, Whitney would make a lovely family dog. She is great with other dogs and children 4yrs+, a very friendly, quiet, sweet and gorgeous young lady, needing a lovely active, fun filled family home, can you give it to her? Whitney is spayed, up to date with her vaccinations, ID Chipped, flea and worm treated, and has six weeks free insurance with his adoption.. Last Chance Animal Rescue, Registered Charity No. 1002349 if you would like to know more about me, please call us on 01732 865530 between 10 3, or via our web site above, or email Adrienne on , hoping to hear from you ...F3-6Click here to see larger image of Whitney
Labrador XRoger and CenaDogLikes and dislikes: Roger likes the ladies, dislikes other male dogs Loves to go for walks and is in love with Cena, need to be rehomed together Cena loves to play with her toys, excellent at fetch. She loves Roger but can be selective on other dogs so care will need to be taken when out walking off lead. Type of home needed: Best suit an active teenage or adult home with large secure garden, can be left approx 4 hrs a day More about us: Roger approx 9yrs old & Cena is approx 5yrs old ...M6-9Click here to see larger image of Roger and Cena
Large Cross BreedJamDogJam is a lovely large cross breed, he travels well in the car and walks great on the lead. He would prob live with a bitch. He is looking for a home with older children if any. Jam loves to play with his rope toy, he brings it to you to play everytime he sees you. ...M1-3Click here to see larger image of Jam
Lhasa ApsoGeorgieDogGeorgie likes the quiet life, not too much hustle or bustle however still very active and needs company. Fond of quiet female dogs and could ideally share his home with one. Type of home needed: Suit a home with someone who is around most of the time but will give him his own space. would like a secure back garden with space for him to sunbathe in. More about me: Georgie needs someone who can visit him at the centre a few times a week, so that he can have the time to build a special bond before moving into his new home. Dislikes being left home alone. approx 7yrs old ...M6-9Click here to see larger image of Georgie
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